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Warrior I Pose

Benefits: Opens your hips and chest. Improves focus. You get to be the Number 1 rated warrior.

Suffering: Mild. Being in a gym class amount of suffering. 


To do this pose:

  • Start in a standing position facing forward.

  • Step one leg back and plant it at a 45-degree angle; the toes should be in line with the kneecap of that leg.

  • Align the feet of your front and back leg in a straight line, rather than the separate lanes you would have in a lunge position.

  • Bend your front leg so the knee is directly above your ankle.

  • Square your hips, torso, and chest forward.

  • Press the outer edge of your back foot down and lift your arms up over your head. Don’t let your upper body shrink; instead, try to lengthen upwards toward the sky.

  • Lift and lengthen your spine. You might need to slightly pull your ribcage back so the ribs extend forward less.

  • Perform the same posture on the opposite side.

Humble Warrior is a variation of Warrior I where you fold your upper body forward over the center line created with both your heels. You should note that maintaining the humility aspect of this pose is important. Sometimes, while practicing Humble Warrior, I screw up and find myself feeling smug instead of humble. It’s hard for me not to get a little full of myself when I do this pose variation from memory and with great balance and alignment. This is bad. I can’t explore poses and find space if I’m smug, self-congratulating, or patting myself on the back.

     Interestingly, individuals in England often excel at this pose variation due to their cultural affinity for royalty, bowing, and curtsying. While it may initially seem silly to see citizens bowing to royalty, it’s worth noting that this gesture is great for your health. In addition to working your bowing muscles and toning your calves, it serves as a reminder to be humble.

     If you don’t live in England or another country with a monarchy, you need to make sure to incorporate this pose into your routine on a weekly basis, so you don’t miss out on bowing and humility benefits. If you don’t have time to practice, just bow to other high-status things like your neighbor’s car or the new iPhone. 

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