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9 Funny Cartoons About Yoga That You Can Relate To
Happy Baby Pose Baby
Happy baby, yoga, cartoon

You can try to teach your baby yoga, but they

might be better than you at some poses.

Happy Baby Pose has an element of channeling the natural happy state of a baby, but tight hamstrings can make the pose more strenuous and less relaxing.    

Yoga Car Jack Prop
Gorilla pose, yoga, cartoon

Many yoga props or animals can be used to help you get your hands under your feet in Gorilla Pose.

Don’t you hate it when you have trouble getting your hands under your feet in Gorilla Pose and you have to bend your legs to where they’re almost 90 degrees? Well you won’t have that problem if you go to a yoga studio that has a car jack and gorilla on staff.    

Way Beyond Hill Pose At This Point
Mountain pose, yoga, cartoon

In Mountain Pose or Tadasana you want to root both of your feet into the ground. Really successful people turn into a mountain.

When doing Mountain Pose, it can be insulting when a yoga teacher talks to the class about setting up a strong foundation. Because you are way beyond a strong foundation and are a mountain, try to move me.

Yoga, a trip to the amusement park

“Playing around” in a yoga pose can be fun like going to an amusement park.


When the yoga instructor tells you to play around in the current pose you’re in, that’s when your yoga pose becomes an amusement park ride and you start experiencing all the twists, turns, and drops the pose has.

Play around, yoga, cartoon
Yoga Prop Preference

The bigger the bolster pillow, the bigger the heart opener.

Personal preferences on yoga bolster pillows fall into two camps:

  1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears – The middle-sized bolster pillow is just right. 

  2. Bigger is Better – You can’t have too much bolster pillow, it’s not possible. And everyone should constantly make their bolster pillows bigger by stuffing them fuller and fuller so they become fluff blimps. 

Bronze Age Yoga

I like to wear armor when I do yoga.  That way people are more scared of me and less likely to tell me I need to stop doing yoga and do something else.  It also serves as a form of power yoga.  You don’t need two-pound weights if you’re wielding a sword and shield that both weight two pounds.

Warrior 2, yoga, cartoon
Stay Humble When Humble
bolster pillow, heart opener, cartoon
Southwestern Yoga

When you hear the pose cue cactus arms.  Don’t shy away from it and go straight towards it and pretend you’re a cactus. When I imagine my cactus arms they always have flowers and fruit, yummy cactus.    

In yoga you want to channel the energy of the pose name, even if it’s a cactus. 

If you are bad at doing the Humble Warrior variation of Warrior I Pose it is actually easier for you to channel the natural pose form of humbleness.  If you are good at humble warrior you will have to fight off your ego which is happy you’re winning.  All judgment is bad in yoga, even if you are judged to be the winner.    

Yoga gives you unity
warrior 1, humble warrior, cartoon
Cactus arms, tree pose, yoga
Lego, yoga, cartoon

Just because the parts of you aren’t unified or your Lego set isn’t unified doesn’t mean you can’t connect them together.

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