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Mountain Pose, yoga, cartoon
Mountain Pose

Benefits: Improves posture and awareness. Enhances muscle tone. You get to channel mountain strength. 
Suffering: Low. No climbing here.

To do Mountain Pose:

  • Stand upright, your feet can be either hip-width apart or closer.

  • Lift your toes up, spread them out a little bit, and bring them back down to the ground to build a bigger stronger standing foundation.

  • Lengthen your body from your feet all the way to the crown of your head, while maintaining even weight distribution on the four corners of both of your feet.

  • Ensure your shoulder blades are drawn together, down your back, and away from your ears.

  • Let your arms relax and hang naturally by your sides. 


In this pose, it looks like you are just standing there, but that’s not the case. Your whole body is working while you are stationary. When doing this pose, instructors sometimes encourage visualizing your body as a majestic mountain—like Mount Fuji. If you like things more fantastical, you can visualize yourself as Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings or Snake Mountain from He-Man. With an evil castle on top and minions patrolling the bridges.

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