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Warrior II Pose

Benefits: Opens your hips, shoulders, and chest. Stretches the inner thighs. Doing the pose keeps you from opening a bag of chips.

Suffering: Average. Comparable to getting a scrape. The deeper the bend in your front knee, the harder the pose is. So, you can adjust how much you have to fight in this pose.

To perform Warrior II:

  • Have your feet in a wide stance with your feet outside your shoulders along the length of your mat.

  • Step the leg you are going to bend out to the side, so the toes and kneecap of that leg are pointed toward the top of your mat.

  • Bend your leg so the knee is directly above your ankle. If your bent knee is in front of your ankle, that puts too much pressure on the knee joint. 

  • Step your straight leg back a little bit creating a longer warrior stance. The toes of that leg should be pointing in the same direction as the knee cap.  

  • Have your upper body in a straight line with your legs facing the side of your mat.

  • Lift your arms to shoulder height in a straight line with your legs. Turn your head in the direction of the bent knee and gaze at the fingertips of the hand on that side. 

  • Repeat the entire stretch on the other side. All one-sided postures should be practiced equally on both sides.

Tip: You should press down on the outer edge of your back foot. This helps prevent the back knee from rotating inward. This is the pinky toe’s time to shine as they are the leader of the foot-outer-edge area.

Many people crave Warrior II Pose; it makes them feel powerful. Wearing warrior armor gives a similar feeling. I think wearing warrior armor while doing Warrior II lets you feel the most power and is the full expression of the pose.

Yoga studios need to consider offering armor alongside straps and yoga blankets to enhance their students' experience. I can see it now. Rows of strong warriors all shining in the mirror.

The perks of wearing armor during practice:

  • The cold metal keeps your body cool.

  • Sunlight reflecting off your armor turns you into a radiant disco ball and looks good in the mirror.

  • Wearing armor can increase your confidence and make your stressors feel more manageable.

Downsides of practicing with armor:

  • It can be noisy during pose transitions, because of the clanking and banging; disturbing the class.

  • You are more likely to break your phone if you accidentally roll on top of it.

  • It’s harder to expand the stomach and breathe deeply since there is a layer of metal over it.

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